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Having a broken boiler is not fun; think cold showers, redundant radiators and a house that resembles the Arctic (minus the polar bears). To ensure that you and your family don’t end up in this situation, it’s wise to have your boiler regularly serviced.

When your boiler is serviced each year, an engineer will visit your home and perform a series of checks on your system which should take upto 60 minutes to complete. 

Once all the checks have been completed, the engineer will give you a checklist of the work they’ve done (and whether any faults have been found). If there’s anything about the service that you want explaining, don’t be afraid to ask the engineer over a cup of tea – they should be more than happy to have a chat.

Given how expensive it is to buy boiler cover over 12 months, most homeowners just choose to pay for a one-off boiler service annually. Current boilers are pretty reliable, so paying for comprehensive boiler cover that includes  you probably won’t need – such as 24 hour call-outs and boiler replacement (which is a contribution towards a new boiler and not the full installation cost) – is likely to be a waste of your money.


We operate a fast same day service throughout all coverage areas, particularly when your heating emergency arises, we are specialized in:

Same day service throughout all coverage areas

System checks within 30 minutes.

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